Pagode União
"Nós fazemos Pagode toda terça "

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"Pagode União" performing at CRE União Brasileira
in San Jose, CA on July 31, 2004.
Pagode União on YouTube:
Clip 1 "Kid Cavaquinho" (4/2008)
Clip 2 "O Arnesto" (4/2008)
Clip 3 "Agua do Mar" (12/2009)
Clip 4 "Minha do Condominiom" (12/2009)
The weekly Pagode, every Tuesday night, 9-11pm at
Britania Arms 1087 S. De Anza Blvd. Cupertino, CA
(between 85 and Bollinger)
The Library (Sheet muisc: Chorro, Samba, Guinga, Bossa Nova)
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Pagode União Volume 1 (Fourteen tunes to get you started) [80K Word Doc]
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Most Current "Collections" 
"The Pagode Bible" (Updated October 2010)
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Forros.doc (204K Word Doc) -Posted 1/20/2009
AxeMusic.doc (140K Word Doc) -Posted 1/20/2009

Older Versions of the "Collections"

Pagode Defined
Ok, Ok, I have been working on a "definition" of the word pagode
for a few years now.  Basically, it is a jam session where folks sit around
playing their favorite Samba tunes.  It could be done with no instruments,
just singing and hand clapping, but can also be done by fully amplified
bands including cavaquinho, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums in addition
to all the percussion.

In general, it is done with cavaquinho, pandeiro, and tan tan.  Part of the
definition refers to instrumentation, because it generally is not done with the
traditional batucada or samba reggae drums (no caixas, repeniques, and surdo
only when it gets big).  Some people might define pagode as a musical "form",
but really any of the Samba "forms" can be played in a pagode setting.  In
Bahia, it refers to their own brand of pop music in which the audience learns
specific choreography for each song, which becomes popular through videos
and live performances.  My favorite definition comes from Rio where a person
that is not enjoying the music says something like, "That ain't Samba, that's
pagode!  That's what they play in Sao Paolo!", which of course may seem
derogatory, if you are not a Carioca!

Subsets (Songs included in the "Bible" but grouped separately as noted below.)
Pagode União Volume 1 (Starter Kit with corresponding MP3's on "The Song Page")
Fundo De Quintal - "Ao Vivo Convida" (Songs from this live CD)

Happy Birthday in Portuguesse (Lyrics and Chords)

The night we got kicked out of Printer's Ink (Short Video)