Here is a short list of podcasts that feature a wide variety of Brazilian music.  Currently it's just a quick collection of podcasts that have not been reviewed for content.  MusicIsHealing can not vouch for it's authenticity or appropriateness.

However the first one on the list called "Spirit of Brazil" is highly recommended.

"Spirit of Brazil" is done by a good friend of MusicIsHealing.  For year's he was part of KKUP's Canta Brazil broadcasting team.  He used to make mix CDs and give them away to many folks in the Brazilian music scene (I have one CD case full of his CDs/Mixes).  A few years ago he stopped making CDs and went to the podcast, which is linked below.  The podcast profile page features a few of his photographs (he also does a bit of photography) and some MusicIsHealing drums are visible in the images.  I still listen to the CD mixes, so I can recommend the these podcasts, even though I have not heard all of them myself.

Feed Name
Spirit of Brazil
Brazilian Sounds / Pod Tocha Cast
Brazilian 101
Brazilian Beatz