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Why The Tech needs

Brad Hamilton

on The Tech team!


1.  I am passionate about education and I am passionate about The Tech’s mission.

2.  My path in life and current situation position me to be a long term reliable and committed member of the team.

3.  My organizational and leadership skills, along with my varied work experience, which includes great depth in technology, allow me to approach and solve challenges taking all view points and stakeholders into account.

Detailed explanations of these summary points are provided on the attached pages.


My Story

My story is not easily told quickly.  Thank you for taking the time to review this material.

I was class president, yearbook editor, and valedictorian in high school, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley.  I am still that same intelligent overachiever today.

However, I am a generalist.  In today’s world of specialization, finding employment opportunities that match my abilities is challenging.

1.  I am passionate about education and I am passionate about The Tech’s mission.

I was willing to sacrifice a steady income in order to pursue my passion for teaching and spreading Brazilian music and dance traditions.  Being passionate about the cause allows me to define myself through the effort, and makes me willing to go “above and beyond” to get the job done right.  An employment position at The Tech would fill this need.

I am also passionate about education.  Both of my parents were teachers and I have always taught in one way or another throughout my career.  (See Addendum I – Teacher/Connections to Education)

2.  My path in life and current situation position me to be a long term reliable and committed member of the team.

Out of college, I worked in the tech industry as a product safety engineer and then as a beta program manager at a “start-up”.  For the last decade I have been largely self employed as I built a modest financial adviser practice while putting a great deal of my efforts into creating and running a non-profit organization that provides music and dance classes to the community.

Although I have been very successful in these efforts, they have not yielded substantial income along the way.  I am now ready to return to a more traditional work environment.

I own a home downtown and with the real estate downturn, I will be a resident of downtown San Jose for quite some time.  I am able to commute to The Tech by bicycle (and I look forward to doing so for my volunteer shifts as soon as the weather and darkness improve)!

3.  My organizational and leadership skills, along with my varied work experience, which includes great depth in technology, allow me to approach and solve challenges taking all view points and stakeholders into account.

While not specializing or developing a deep expertise in any particular area, I have successfully worked and made accomplishment in a wide variety of vocations.  (See Addendum II - Life/Work Experience List)

My previous jobs, as both a product safety engineer and beta program manager, provided me with exposure to a wide variety of different technologies.  (See Addendum III – Technologies List)

I also have a proven track record of leadership, organization, and project management through the large productions I have been responsible for over the past decade.  (See Addendum IV - Samba Mundial at San Francisco Carnaval 2012)

As a generalist I am able to lead teams and solve problems while always keeping the big picture in focus.  I am effective dealing with the lower level contributors, but also have the eloquence and diplomacy to deal with the officers at the top of an organization.  I also have a track record of dealing with a wide variety of tasks/duties from purchasing, to content creation, to managing personnel.


-I have the organizational skills needed to manage the Labs.

-I have the leadership skills needed to manage the lab staff.

-I have the creative abilities to move the programs forward.

-I have the technical knowledge beyond the requirements for the position.

-I have the team building skills necessary to work with all of the various stakeholders.

Addendum I – Teacher/Connections to Education

I do not have a teaching credential, and I have never worked full time as a formal teacher.  However, I my communication abilities make be a “natural” teacher, and I have taught in various capacities for most of my life.  Listed below are various teaching roles in which I have excelled.

-Tutored (for hire) Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus (high school and college).
-Taught swimming lessons for seven years.
-Taught Red Cross Lifesaving including creating, giving, and grading written tests.
-Acted as teaching assistant for college level computer science class.
-Conducted on-going staff training for lifeguard staff (as pool supervisor for four years).
-Trained new employees as product safety engineers.
-Trained employees from entire organization on Quality Assurance system and processes.
-Trained new employees as beta program managers (and wrote the manual).
-Conducted client training on beta program management system and tools.
-Taught catalog class for Mountain View/Los Altos High School District Adult Education Programs.
-Continue to teach private music lessons.
-Continue to teach group music lessons.
-Guest lectured at Santa Clara University, UC Davis, San Jose State University, and De Anza College.
-Taught ad-hoc workshops at a few elementary schools.
-Guest taught at the San Francisco School of the Arts.
-Volunteer at Tech Museum “Encounter” exhibits teaching science concepts to students and patrons.

-Continue to teach clients about investing, annuities, and retirement solutions.

Other Connections to Education
-Both of my parents were teachers.
-My best friend’s mom is a teacher, and still corrects my grammar
(on the rare occasions when needed).
-Almost my entire client base (~120) is made up of teachers.* 

And finally
My mother was an early pioneer in using technology in the schools.  In the late 1970's she introduced computers into the South San Francisco Unified School District's elementary schools.  In the 1980s and early 1990s she worked for the State of California (on grants) developing criteria for schools to use in evaluating the educational value of new software applications.  After passing suddenly in 1995 she was honored posthumously for this work be C.U.E. (an organization for Computer Using Educators).  I would be highly motivated to carry on any work related to the important field of integrating technology into the education system.


*When my father left teaching to get into financial advising he worked for TMI or Teacher’s Management and Investment Company.  That organization became Life Plans (part of Royal Alliance, an AIG broker/dealer) which is whom I work for today.  At the time (~1980s) only teachers could invest in TMI.  The client base for the book of business I purchased came from this group of teachers.

Addendum II - Life/Work Experience List


(A) Direct work experience as an employee

(B) Experience in a non-profit or volunteer setting

(C) Experience as a part-time contractor

(D) Exposure through significant training programs

(E) Entrepreneur/Independent Owner/Investor



-Product Safety (A)

-Developer Team Management (A)

-Program/Project Management (A)

-Beta Program Management (A)

-Outsourced Application Development (A)

-IT Procurement/Installation/Support (A)

-Facilities Management (A)

-Operations Manual Creation (A)

-Internal and External Training Provider (A)

-Client Relationship Manager (A)

Supervisory/Leadership (Direct Reports)

-Committee to Alleviate Racial and Ethnic Segregation in the San Mateo Unified School District (B)

-Class President (B)

-Yearbook Editor (B)

-Newspaper Photography Editor (B)

-Senior Lifeguard/Pool Manager (A)

-Assistant Pool Supervisor (A)

-Engineering Team Leader (Temp) (A)

-Software Development Team Leader (Temp) (A)

-Equipment Manager (6 Direct Reports)(A)

-Stage Manager/Area Manager (Special Events) (A)

-Leader/CEO/Director Non-Profit Group (B)

Web Development

-Domain/Server Management (B)

-Content Creator (B)

-Web Site Maintenance (B)


-Production (AI, PS, INDD) (C)

-Design (B)

-Art Director (B)

Financial Consultant

-IRA Rollovers (A)

-Annuity Sales (A)

-401(k) Provider (A)

-403(b) Provider (A)

-Client Account Manager (A)

Human Resources

-401(k) Plan Administration (D)

-Health Care Plan Provider (HSAs/FSAs/HRAs) (D)


-Employee Training (A)

Non-Profit Organizations

-Founder/CEO (B)

-IRS Form 1023/CT-1/RRF-1/LOD/990N/199 (B)

-Instructor/Director (C)

-Board of Directors (B)

Real Estate/Investing

-Pre-foreclosure/Auction/REOs (E)

-Property Management (E)

-Landlord (E)

-Credit Arbitrage (E)

-Tax Leans/Tax Deeds (D)

Event Production

-Creative Director (B)

-Production Manager (B) (C)

-Backstage Crew (A) (C)

-Audio/Lighting Technician (A) (C)

-Talent Liaison/Manager (C)

-Equipment Manager (C)

-Performer/Lead Performer (B) (C)


-CD Producer (E)

-Studio Musician (B) (C)

-Performer (A) (C)

-Composer (B) (E)

-Instrument Maintenance/Repair (B)


Addendum III – Technologies List

Product Safety

Information Technology Equipment (ITE)

-PCs, Notebooks, Mainframes
-Automated Tape Libraries (room sized)
-Power Supplies (Linear, Switching)
-Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS, Kv ranges)

Telephone Equipment

-Base sets, handsets, head sets
-Networking Equipment (T1, FDDI, etc.)
-Polycon Teleconferencing equipment

Other Miscellaneous Categories

-Plugs, Cord sets, receptacles, and connectors
-Misc. Heating Equipment
-Medical Equipment
-Gaming Equipment

Beta Testing (Hardware and Software)

-Networking Equipment
-Network management applications
-Personal Digital Assistants (1st Palm Pilot)
-Digital Video Recorders (1st Replay TV)
-Consumer Digital Image Editing applications
-Consumer Digital Video Editing applications
-Browser/Internet Plug-Ins
-Search Engines
-CD Replication Applications
-Shipping Application
-Automatic Medical Dosing Equipment
-Industrial/Enterprise Media Server














-Thomas Register


Addendum IV - Project Management

Samba Mundial at San Francisco Carnaval 2012


Samba Mundial is a 501(C)(3) non-profit Samba School that provides year round cultural music and dance classes to the south bay community.  We also provide performances for the community (along with performance opportunities for our members).  Each year the group provides a large contingent for the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. 

Brad Hamilton has led the group and this effort for more than ten years.

Project management accomplishments, for this effort, include the following tasks:
-Marketing the group to recruit participants.
-Securing a rehearsal space that can accommodate dancers, drummers, and costume makers.
-Hiring the dance leader to create the choreography and lead the dance rehearsals.
-Running the drum rehearsals and the entire group rehearsals.
-Completing the necessary applications and other paperwork required for participation.
-Representing the group at the Contingent Leader Meetings.
-Composing the theme song.
-Hiring the recording studio and musicians to produce the annual theme song.
-Overseeing the design of the original artwork used for t-shirts and decorations.
-Coordination of and fundraising from the sponsors and donors.
-Production of the t-shirts and decorations (including a great deal of direct graphics production).
-Contracting for float rental.
-Contracting for truck rental.
-Contracting for sound system and sound man.
-Purchasing materials for decorations, costumes, and float creation.
-Recruiting and coordinating volunteers to assist on day of parade.
-Overseeing all creative efforts to insure a consistent thematic production.
-Overseeing the budget for the all aspects of the production.
-Purchasing and providing food and drinks for all volunteer participants.
-Directing all aspects of the contingent during the parade.

This list is not comprehensive.  It is meant to illustrate the complexity and diversity of tasks required to produce a show contingent on the level illustrated in the image above.

Addendum V – Resume/CV

Bradley S. Hamilton (B.S. EECS)
240 North 24th Street
San Jose, CA 95116
Home Phone:    (408) 280-0193
E-Mail:               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Employment Objective:

A Program Management position in a non-profit environment involving direct client contact and liaison duties between technical and non-technical stakeholders across all levels of the organization.

Strengths:            Experienced client service provider for both external and internal clients

                                Accomplished written and oral communicator

                                Excellent organizational and management skills and track record

                                Extensive teacher/training experience

                                Web-development generalist (See Web Development Skills below)


B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley, May 1988

Work Experience:

October 2004 to Present
Registered Representative (Financial Consultant), Royal Alliance Associates, San Jose CA

As a SEC Series 6 and 63 registered and CA State Insurance licensed representative, I provide financial consulting services on Annuities, Mutual Funds, and 401(K) Plans to 150 clients.

- Improved financial stature and retirement security to client base through education and by offering products suitable to their situation and needs.

March 2001 to Present
Director (Founder), Samba Mundial 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation

I founded a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation and established tax-exempt status to support a local community based arts organization which provides educational services to the public.

- Successfully grew the organization to a stable entity with an annual budget of $25,000.00.

- Expanded membership, educated participants, and produced award winning productions for the general public.

June 1997 to March 2001
Engineering Team Leader and Project Manager, BetaSphere, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

As the 6th hired employee of this start-up (which grew to 120 people) I performed many roles while adapting to the company’s ever changing needs.  In addition to running beta programs, our core business, I wrote the manual for that position, trained new employees, provided extensive IT support, and ended up managing the engineering team which built our 3rd generation enterprise feedback management application.

- Achieved near-perfect client satisfaction ratings managing both software and hardware beta programs and provided on-site client training at Cisco, Sun, Lucent, Adobe, Intel, Intuit, Palm, and FedEx.

- Propelled company’s growth at minimal costs by procuring and supporting discounted IT and office infrastructure.

- Drove the company’s value proposition by supporting and maintaining pool of 20,000 volunteer beta testers and eventually wrote the technical specifications for out-sourced application development of the management system.

August 1995 to March 1997
Contract Consultant, International Compliance Corporation, Lewisville, TX

I established a west coast office and conducted product safety evaluations for multiple compliance agencies across various product categories (Power Supplies, ITE, Telephone, Medical, Plugs, Cord Sets, and Connectors).

- Expanded a small Texas firm’s national presence by establishing a CA satellite office with ties to multiple international compliance agencies (UL, CSA, TUV, VDE, Semko, Nemko, Fimko, Demko, JSA, BSMI).

- Achieved company growth at minimal costs by providing remote report writing, and traveling extensively to conduct on-site laboratory testing.

July 1988 to March 1995
Project Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories, Santa Clara CA

I conducted product safety evaluations across the entire spectrum of ITE and telephone equipment.  I traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, to provide on-site client service and to supervise laboratory testing.

- Improved client perceptions of UL through outstanding written and oral communication with clients and enhanced satisfaction ratings through error-free project management.

- Increased and promoted company efficiency by serving as a facilitator for inter-department quality improvement teams.

January 1986 to August 1986
Co-Op Engineer, General Dynamics Corporation, San Diego CA

I took a semester off from UC Berkeley through the co-op engineering program to work for General Dynamics assisting the de-bugging effort for the F-16 test stations and performing technician duties in the Failure Analysis Lab.

Web Development Skills:

1997 to present
Successfully created and maintained web sites which served as organizational tools and provided information for multiple organizations.  Responsible for content creation and site maintenance for and


-CMS experience: Joomla (extensive) and Wordpress
-Knowledge of HTML5, HTML4/XHTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and XLM.
-Experience with Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads
-Knowledge of Network Protocols: 7 Layer OSI, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, DHCP, SNCP, POP
-Comfortable in command-line environments: Unix/Linux (Vi, Chmod, Sed, Grep, etc.)
-Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro)
-Domain registration, DNS updates, site migrations and updates
-Programming experience: Pascal, C, and Pearl.