Addendum I – Teacher/Connections to Education

I do not have a teaching credential, and I have never worked full time as a formal teacher.  However, I my communication abilities make be a “natural” teacher, and I have taught in various capacities for most of my life.  Listed below are various teaching roles in which I have excelled.

-Tutored (for hire) Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus (high school and college).
-Taught swimming lessons for seven years.
-Taught Red Cross Lifesaving including creating, giving, and grading written tests.
-Acted as teaching assistant for college level computer science class.
-Conducted on-going staff training for lifeguard staff (as pool supervisor for four years).
-Trained new employees as product safety engineers.
-Trained employees from entire organization on Quality Assurance system and processes.
-Trained new employees as beta program managers (and wrote the manual).
-Conducted client training on beta program management system and tools.
-Taught catalog class for Mountain View/Los Altos High School District Adult Education Programs.
-Continue to teach private music lessons.
-Continue to teach group music lessons.
-Guest lectured at Santa Clara University, UC Davis, San Jose State University, and De Anza College.
-Taught ad-hoc workshops at a few elementary schools.
-Guest taught at the San Francisco School of the Arts.
-Volunteer at Tech Museum “Encounter” exhibits teaching science concepts to students and patrons.

-Continue to teach clients about investing, annuities, and retirement solutions.

Other Connections to Education
-Both of my parents were teachers.
-My best friend’s mom is a teacher, and still corrects my grammar
(on the rare occasions when needed).
-Almost my entire client base (~120) is made up of teachers.* 

And finally
My mother was an early pioneer in using technology in the schools.  In the late 1970's she introduced computers into the South San Francisco Unified School District's elementary schools.  In the 1980s and early 1990s she worked for the State of California (on grants) developing criteria for schools to use in evaluating the educational value of new software applications.  After passing suddenly in 1995 she was honored posthumously for this work be C.U.E. (an organization for Computer Using Educators).  I would be highly motivated to carry on any work related to the important field of integrating technology into the education system.


*When my father left teaching to get into financial advising he worked for TMI or Teacher’s Management and Investment Company.  That organization became Life Plans (part of Royal Alliance, an AIG broker/dealer) which is whom I work for today.  At the time (~1980s) only teachers could invest in TMI.  The client base for the book of business I purchased came from this group of teachers.