Addendum IV - Project Management

Samba Mundial at San Francisco Carnaval 2012


Samba Mundial is a 501(C)(3) non-profit Samba School that provides year round cultural music and dance classes to the south bay community.  We also provide performances for the community (along with performance opportunities for our members).  Each year the group provides a large contingent for the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. 

Brad Hamilton has led the group and this effort for more than ten years.

Project management accomplishments, for this effort, include the following tasks:
-Marketing the group to recruit participants.
-Securing a rehearsal space that can accommodate dancers, drummers, and costume makers.
-Hiring the dance leader to create the choreography and lead the dance rehearsals.
-Running the drum rehearsals and the entire group rehearsals.
-Completing the necessary applications and other paperwork required for participation.
-Representing the group at the Contingent Leader Meetings.
-Composing the theme song.
-Hiring the recording studio and musicians to produce the annual theme song.
-Overseeing the design of the original artwork used for t-shirts and decorations.
-Coordination of and fundraising from the sponsors and donors.
-Production of the t-shirts and decorations (including a great deal of direct graphics production).
-Contracting for float rental.
-Contracting for truck rental.
-Contracting for sound system and sound man.
-Purchasing materials for decorations, costumes, and float creation.
-Recruiting and coordinating volunteers to assist on day of parade.
-Overseeing all creative efforts to insure a consistent thematic production.
-Overseeing the budget for the all aspects of the production.
-Purchasing and providing food and drinks for all volunteer participants.
-Directing all aspects of the contingent during the parade.

This list is not comprehensive.  It is meant to illustrate the complexity and diversity of tasks required to produce a show contingent on the level illustrated in the image above.