My Story

My story is not easily told quickly.  Thank you for taking the time to review this material.

I was class president, yearbook editor, and valedictorian in high school, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley.  I am still that same intelligent overachiever today.

However, I am a generalist.  In today’s world of specialization, finding employment opportunities that match my abilities is challenging.

1.  I am passionate about education and I am passionate about The Tech’s mission.

I was willing to sacrifice a steady income in order to pursue my passion for teaching and spreading Brazilian music and dance traditions.  Being passionate about the cause allows me to define myself through the effort, and makes me willing to go “above and beyond” to get the job done right.  An employment position at The Tech would fill this need.

I am also passionate about education.  Both of my parents were teachers and I have always taught in one way or another throughout my career.  (See Addendum I – Teacher/Connections to Education)

2.  My path in life and current situation position me to be a long term reliable and committed member of the team.

Out of college, I worked in the tech industry as a product safety engineer and then as a beta program manager at a “start-up”.  For the last decade I have been largely self employed as I built a modest financial adviser practice while putting a great deal of my efforts into creating and running a non-profit organization that provides music and dance classes to the community.

Although I have been very successful in these efforts, they have not yielded substantial income along the way.  I am now ready to return to a more traditional work environment.

I own a home downtown and with the real estate downturn, I will be a resident of downtown San Jose for quite some time.  I am able to commute to The Tech by bicycle (and I look forward to doing so for my volunteer shifts as soon as the weather and darkness improve)!

3.  My organizational and leadership skills, along with my varied work experience, which includes great depth in technology, allow me to approach and solve challenges taking all view points and stakeholders into account.

While not specializing or developing a deep expertise in any particular area, I have successfully worked and made accomplishment in a wide variety of vocations.  (See Addendum II - Life/Work Experience List)

My previous jobs, as both a product safety engineer and beta program manager, provided me with exposure to a wide variety of different technologies.  (See Addendum III – Technologies List)

I also have a proven track record of leadership, organization, and project management through the large productions I have been responsible for over the past decade.  (See Addendum IV - Samba Mundial at San Francisco Carnaval 2012)

As a generalist I am able to lead teams and solve problems while always keeping the big picture in focus.  I am effective dealing with the lower level contributors, but also have the eloquence and diplomacy to deal with the officers at the top of an organization.  I also have a track record of dealing with a wide variety of tasks/duties from purchasing, to content creation, to managing personnel.


-I have the organizational skills needed to manage the Labs.

-I have the leadership skills needed to manage the lab staff.

-I have the creative abilities to move the programs forward.

-I have the technical knowledge beyond the requirements for the position.

-I have the team building skills necessary to work with all of the various stakeholders.