Addendum III – Technologies List

Product Safety

Information Technology Equipment (ITE)

-PCs, Notebooks, Mainframes
-Automated Tape Libraries (room sized)
-Power Supplies (Linear, Switching)
-Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS, Kv ranges)

Telephone Equipment

-Base sets, handsets, head sets
-Networking Equipment (T1, FDDI, etc.)
-Polycon Teleconferencing equipment

Other Miscellaneous Categories

-Plugs, Cord sets, receptacles, and connectors
-Misc. Heating Equipment
-Medical Equipment
-Gaming Equipment

Beta Testing (Hardware and Software)

-Networking Equipment
-Network management applications
-Personal Digital Assistants (1st Palm Pilot)
-Digital Video Recorders (1st Replay TV)
-Consumer Digital Image Editing applications
-Consumer Digital Video Editing applications
-Browser/Internet Plug-Ins
-Search Engines
-CD Replication Applications
-Shipping Application
-Automatic Medical Dosing Equipment
-Industrial/Enterprise Media Server














-Thomas Register