Addendum II - Life/Work Experience List


(A) Direct work experience as an employee

(B) Experience in a non-profit or volunteer setting

(C) Experience as a part-time contractor

(D) Exposure through significant training programs

(E) Entrepreneur/Independent Owner/Investor



-Product Safety (A)

-Developer Team Management (A)

-Program/Project Management (A)

-Beta Program Management (A)

-Outsourced Application Development (A)

-IT Procurement/Installation/Support (A)

-Facilities Management (A)

-Operations Manual Creation (A)

-Internal and External Training Provider (A)

-Client Relationship Manager (A)

Supervisory/Leadership (Direct Reports)

-Committee to Alleviate Racial and Ethnic Segregation in the San Mateo Unified School District (B)

-Class President (B)

-Yearbook Editor (B)

-Newspaper Photography Editor (B)

-Senior Lifeguard/Pool Manager (A)

-Assistant Pool Supervisor (A)

-Engineering Team Leader (Temp) (A)

-Software Development Team Leader (Temp) (A)

-Equipment Manager (6 Direct Reports)(A)

-Stage Manager/Area Manager (Special Events) (A)

-Leader/CEO/Director Non-Profit Group (B)

Web Development

-Domain/Server Management (B)

-Content Creator (B)

-Web Site Maintenance (B)


-Production (AI, PS, INDD) (C)

-Design (B)

-Art Director (B)

Financial Consultant

-IRA Rollovers (A)

-Annuity Sales (A)

-401(k) Provider (A)

-403(b) Provider (A)

-Client Account Manager (A)

Human Resources

-401(k) Plan Administration (D)

-Health Care Plan Provider (HSAs/FSAs/HRAs) (D)


-Employee Training (A)

Non-Profit Organizations

-Founder/CEO (B)

-IRS Form 1023/CT-1/RRF-1/LOD/990N/199 (B)

-Instructor/Director (C)

-Board of Directors (B)

Real Estate/Investing

-Pre-foreclosure/Auction/REOs (E)

-Property Management (E)

-Landlord (E)

-Credit Arbitrage (E)

-Tax Leans/Tax Deeds (D)

Event Production

-Creative Director (B)

-Production Manager (B) (C)

-Backstage Crew (A) (C)

-Audio/Lighting Technician (A) (C)

-Talent Liaison/Manager (C)

-Equipment Manager (C)

-Performer/Lead Performer (B) (C)


-CD Producer (E)

-Studio Musician (B) (C)

-Performer (A) (C)

-Composer (B) (E)

-Instrument Maintenance/Repair (B)