Sambão Enredo 2007
***Press Release***
Here is everthing you should need to
learn the enredo for SF Carnaval 2007!

Here is an MP3 of the song!

"Você Só Precisa de Amor - All You Need is Love"

Here is another MP3 of the same song with the tamborims turned up louder.
You may use this version to learn the "desenhos" or tamborim parts.
"Você Só Precisa de Amor" - Tamborim Version

Here are the Lyrics(Print the HTML file straight from the web.)
Click here to download the Lyrics file in MS Word format.

Here are the lyrics with the Chords. (Print the HTML file straight from the web.)
Click here to download the Chords file in MS Word format.

A cheat sheet for the Desenhos will be posted later as follows.
The front side lists the name of each part or "figure" beside the corresponding lyrics.
The "figures" are described and named at the bottom in psuedo-muiscal notation.
The back side has tamborim lines for the entire song transposed in musical notation.

Here is a .PDF image of the lyrics with the Tamborim Desenhos written out
in "psuedo-notation" that matchs the hand signals used for directing the bateria.

Here is a .PDF image of the Tamborim Desenhos written out in standard
musical notation.

"Você Só Precisa de Amor - All You Need Is Love"
G.R.E.S. Sambão Para O Povo
San Francisco Carnaval Parade 2007

Sambão boasts members from over 20 different countries.
The lyrics of our original composition theme song ("Enredo") contain 12 of these nations.
The lyrics state that although we come from "many different lands" we all have once thing in common.
We all need Love!

While written as a traditional fast Samba, the middle of the song contains a "break"
where the entire contingent sings the chorus from the Beatle's "All You Need is Love"
complete with the requisite horn flourishes.  Contingent members will also wear small
flags representing their home countries or national origins illustrating that
with Love, the whole world feels great!

Sambão always emulates the Escolas de Samba, or Samba Schools of Rio de Jeniero, Brazil.
Every year they compose and original theme song (Enredo) and illustrate the lyrics through costumes,
color coordination, bateria costumes, and float design.  The contingent always includes the required
traditional elements from Rio's Escolas such as the Lead Commission (Commisão de Frente),
multiply wing (alas) of dancers, an "ala" of baihnas (dancers in traditional large dresses),
a flag bearer and her guard (Porta Bandeira and Mestre Sala), a Queen of the Bateria
(Reihna de Bateria), the bateria, and one or more floats/sound trucks with the
singers (Puxadores) and stringed musicians.